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  • Be kind and courteous

  • Hot Mess Express is a women only volunteer group.

  • We are a judgement free group! It is not easy asking for help, always lead with empathy.

  • All women are welcome for nomination regardless of their financial situation, whether or not they have children, if they are single or married etc.​

  • Always ask for permission before taking pictures or filming in other people’s homes and be respectful of their decision.

  • Volunteers are not allowed to bring children to missions. This is for their safety.


  • Volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Form before being a part of a mission. This is for everyone’s safety.

  • Never go on a mission alone! Always use the buddy system.

  • Never post or share anyone’s (including the nominated missions) personal information without permission. This includes addresses, phone numbers, personal/private information etc.

  • Keep your chapter's Facebook page private

  • Keep an eye out for a request to join your page from Katelin Sullivan or Christina Beverly from our Chapter Support Team! One of these women will request to join and request to admin. As an additional admin, they will be there to help set up and if you should need help. They will not manage your page.

  • Use comment approval (this is a great way to keep requests for monetary items and advertisements off your page)

  • Do not approve ANY requests for monetary items

  • Pin the nomination form, volunteer form, and the guidelines to the top of your page to make it easy for people to find.​​

  • These can be created in Google Docs here and make it easy to collect and organize information. You can find examples of these pinned to the top of the Chaos Coordinators Facebook page.

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