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Chaos Coordinator!

What is a Chaos Coordinator? 

(leading a HME chapter)

Chaos Coordinators (CCs) play a pivotal role in the Hot Mess Express (HME) organization. They are the backbone of our community efforts, leading and managing local chapters to deliver on HME’s mission of providing organizing and decluttering services to women in need.

What a Chaos Coordinator Does:

  • Leads and Inspires: CCs are leaders who inspire their teams and the women they help through action, compassion, and dedication.

  • Connects and Communicates: They maintain open lines of communication between volunteers, community members, and the broader HME network.

  • Organizes and Manages: From logistical planning to execution, CCs ensure that every aspect of the mission is thoughtfully organized and managed.

  • Educates and Empowers: By training volunteers and informing the community, CCs empower others to make a significant difference.

As a Chaos Coordinator, you will need to be familiar with Facebook groups and Google Docs as your chapter will depend on these two things to run successfully.


Here’s a detailed outline of what a CC is responsible for and does:

Key Responsibilities of a Chaos Coordinator:

1. Mission Coordination and Execution:

  • Plan and execute rescue missions. This involves assessing the needs of the nominee, planning the schedule for the rescue mission, and ensuring all necessary resources and volunteers are available.

  • Lead volunteers during missions, providing guidance and support to ensure that the tasks are completed effectively and sensitively. 


2. Volunteer Management:

  • Recruit and train new volunteers, ensuring they understand HME’s mission, values, and methods.

  • Schedule volunteers for organizing missions, and provide ongoing support and feedback to maintain engagement and effectiveness.


3. Community Engagement:

  • Act as the primary HME representative in the local community, working to build relationships with local businesses, potential donors, and other organizations that might support HME’s work.

  • Promote HME’s mission within the community to increase awareness, support, and participation.


4. Administration and Reporting:

  • Manage the administrative duties of the chapter, including scheduling, communications, and record-keeping.

  • Maintain detailed records of missions, volunteer participation, and impact metrics.

  • Report regularly to HME headquarters on chapter activities, successes, challenges, and resource needs.


5. Fundraising and Resource Development:

  • Identify and engage potential sponsors and donors to secure funding and in-kind donations.


6. Compliance and Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure that all chapter activities comply with HME’s policies and standards, as well as local regulations.

  • Monitor the quality of the services provided during missions, ensuring they meet the organization’s standards and the clients’ expectations.


7. Emotional Support and Advocacy:

  • Provide emotional support to the women served, recognizing the profound vulnerability accepting help requires. 

  • Advocate for the needs of women who are struggling with overwhelming home environments, working to provide not just physical but also emotional and social support.

The official HME handbook filled with essential information for running a successful chapter. 

Answers to our most frequently asked questions 

Guidelines to running a Hot Mess Express chapter

Guidelines to maintaining an active and safe Facebook group

Templates and guides for finding and encouraging

volunteers and nominations

Useful tips on running a safe and successful rescue mission

Easily download forms, waivers, and checklists for virtual

use or convenient printing of physical copies

Direct links to membership dues payment options;

quarterly and annually

Monthly check-in to help keep HME information up to date

and better support your chapter

When you add a new Chaos Coordinator to help lead rescue missions, they will need to complete this form!

FAQ for local media inquiries

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