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Hot Mess Express Chapter
 Membership Dues  FAQ

Our membership dues, set at $15 quarterly per chapter or $60 annually, are a crucial part of keeping Hot Mess Express up to date and accessible to as many women as possible.


The collected dues go towards keeping HME running with legal, financial, and marketing. Our dues also allow us to maintain a current and accurate directory.

Membership dues are considered donations and can be considered tax-deductible (varies by state). 


These funds are not used towards North Carolina Triad Chapter. 


By becoming a registered chapter, you're not just joining a community, you're making a tangible difference.

When you register as a Hot Mess Express chapter you're also getting;

Monthly Zoom Check-Ins: Join our interactive and engaging Zoom sessions each month. These check-ins provide a platform for real-time connection, allowing you to interact with fellow members, share experiences, and participate in discussions on topics that matter to you.

Help and Guidance: As a valued member, you'll have access to guidance and assistance straight from headquarters. Whether you're navigating planning rescue missions, looking to grow your chapter, or seeking advice on specific matters to your chapter, our knowledgeable team is ready to offer the help and guidance you need.

Monthly Newsletter: Stay informed and connected with the Hot Mess Express community through our fun and informative monthly newsletter. Receive updates on all the latest Hot Mess news and upcoming events. Stay involved with the latest rescue missions from our chapters around the country.

Chapter Support: Gain access to a dedicated support  when setting up your chapter. Our chapter support team is here to assist you with getting your page up and running, helping organize forms, show you how to create events, share important information and where to find the resources you'll need. 

Find. out more about our amazing Chapter Support Team here!

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